Voltage Stabilizer AVR – AC Power Conditioner



Voltage regulation problems account for more than 90% of the power quality problems seen at most sites. The Infinity Supply Voltage Stabilizers provide protection against mains power sags, surges and brownouts. It is ideal for geographical regions that are subject to inconsistencies in the mains supply, such as Africa, Asia and certain parts of Europe.

Each stabilizer has a wide input voltage tolerance, and has been designed to provide the ultimate reliability in hostile environments, where the quality of the mains supply cannot be guaranteed.


BROADCAST: Regulation for broadcast transmitter sites and studios.

COMMERCIAL: High—rise building, elevator control, large A/C chillers, lighting, other sensitive critical systems.

INDUSTRIAL: Industrial automation, process control, CNC, factory robotics, heavy load machinery.

MEDICAL: X-ray, CT scanner, MRI system, Radiation therapy machine, other medical imaging equipments.

TELECOM: Mobile base stations, exchanges stations, control centers and transmission relay stations.


  • Extremely wide voltage regulation range Maintenance free roller type carbon brush
  • Individual regulation with unique small dimension
  • Maximum capacity up to 5000 KVA High Mean time Between Failure(MTBF)
  • Reliable and quiet servo motors
  • Wheels mounted for easy installation
  • Start up delay to prevent over current inrush
  • Isolation transformer on request
  • Indoor or outdoor version on request