The launch of the Mafab Network in Nigeria

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Nigeria is moving closer to full 5G network coverage with the launch of Mafab Telecommunications network in Abuja and Lagos. Mafab has joined MTN Nigeria which had already rolled out its 5G network with over 600 sites in the country. MTN Nigeria was the first telecommunications provider to launch 5G in Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria plans to launch its 5G network later in the year after securing a 5G spectrum license. The National 5G Policy for Nigeria's digital economy was launched by President Muhammadu Buhari on January 25, 2022. The 5G network offers faster transmissions, lower latency, and increased capacity for remote execution. It also supports more connected devices and allows for the implementation of virtual networks, providing more customized connectivity.

Telecommunication engineer  in helmet and uniform holds telecomunication equipment in his hand and  antennas of GSM  DCS UMTS LTE bands, outdoor radio units, optic fibers, power cables are installed on the roof. Working process of upgrading telecommunication equipment

The implementation of 5G technology in Nigeria will help telecom operators provide effective digital solutions for economic growth. Currently, only a small percentage of mobile connections in Sub-Saharan Africa are on 5G, but according to a report by Ericsson, it is expected to reach 7% by 2026.

Yes, the rollout of 5G by MTN and Mafab in Nigeria is expected to give the country an advantage in the 5G race in Africa and make the latest telecom technology widespread in the country. The increase in 5G sites to over 1000 this year is expected to help the government reach its 70% broadband internet penetration target by 2025.