Telecom Resale Division

Telecom Resale Division

Fiber Optic cables and UTP Network cables connected hub ports.


Refurbished Equipment & Systems

Lower Capex & Opex solutions

Spare & Power Supply Units

Ensuring telecom sites remain operational

Rural Area Support

Focused assistance fro remote and rural areas, particularly in Africa

Site Services

Disposal & Recycling

Environmentally responsible handling of end-of-life equipment

Maintenance & Repair

Expert teams ensure optimal performance and longevity

Equipment Life-cycle Management

End-to-end support from procurement to disposal

Sourcing & Procurement

Access to a wide range of telecom equipment

Network Optimization & Expansion

Maximizing coverage and capacity for clients

Network Planning & Design

Comprehensive solutions for new or existing networks

Site Acquisition & Deployment

Assistance in finding and setting up new telecom sites

Network Upgrades & Modernization

Ensuring clients stay ahead with the latest technologies

Why Choose Infinity Supply ?

Proven Track Record

Decades of experience and success in the telecom industry

Flexible Solutions

Customizable and tailored services to meet client needs

Global Partnerships

Strong relationships with leading manufacturers and operators

Global Experience

18+ years in telecom spares provisioning since 2G inception

Wide Reach

Providing extensively in emerging markets, islands, and Africa with minimal geographical barriers


Equipment life-cycle management to maximize client investments