Telecom & Fiber

Our interest in ESG is drawn from working for 20 + years with telecom operators across the world both in providing maintenance and hardware contracts, as well as Circular economy and consulting. 

Through this journey we realized that we could bring value added in an innovative way by connecting and mining our existing contacts, especially in the developing countries, while adding features to streamline data which our clients would share in order to allow them faster decision-making track with banks and world organizations endorsing their economic development. 

The partners in software are well known world organizations which work with governments and are interested in supporting us to develop our goals in the EMEA area.  

Our clients and their countries will benefit from better decision-making at large Government levels, CSR levels and with banking facilities. In return world organizations such as the IMF, World Bank would make better decisions and with more transparency. 

Telecommunication engineer  in helmet and uniform holds telecomunication equipment in his hand and  antennas of GSM  DCS UMTS LTE bands, outdoor radio units, optic fibers, power cables are installed on the roof. Working process of upgrading telecommunication equipment