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For our clients, in what regards Spare Parts Management, the objective is that of having a partner with a high accountability and deep knowledge of assets, auditing, engineering for the purpose of reconfiguring, reuse and redeploy.  The goal is high quality auditing, lowest overall cost of spare parts possible, without compromising availability or over- ordering.  

To the Western telecom Operators a high level of service, means the availability of just-in-time spares for the telecom operators, available in the shortest possible delivery time.  To the emerging markets operators, spare parts management involves, not only tracking, valuing, and assessing, but a deep knowledge of global logistics.

Infinity Supply spares management process is accounting for all processes on behalf of telecom operators, allowing them to keep a clear accountability of value of their telecom assets. We provide a system between our clients and a 3rd party spare parts supplier or owner and we provide a direct way to inventory and ship spares.

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Spare parts logistics is extremely important to cut downtime costs, and overall costs. We are working with planned logistics to create value by timing and positioning inventory as per need.  On behalf of our client, we combine our order management, inventory, transportation, warehousing, materials – systems handling, and packaging as an overall integrated service.

How Business Is Done Today

Purchasing executives worldwide find themselves distracted from their daily tasks to fulfill sourcing obligations for difficult to find spares and systems which are no longer available from the manufacturer, but which are urgently needed for the maintenance of the network. 

Countless hours are invested in strategy meetings seeking solutions to locate this vital equipment. Full days are spent scrutinizing promises of worldwide “brokers” in the hope of finding a quick solution. Too much time is spent negotiating with these brokers and determining what product is available on the market that would fit their network needs, all while running the risk that over-projected demand will artificially inflate the prices of the solutions in the meantime.

The Infinity Revolution

At heart it is rather simple; our team has name recognition, our deals have taken us around the globe, and because of servicing more than 500 telecom operators around the world, we know whom to call and when. Infinity has contacts in 96 countries, dealing with more than 800 network operators and other sources, in 10 languages, 24 hours coverage.


Infinity takes away the daunting task of sourcing hard-to-find telecom wares, spare parts and complete systems and delivers an immediate solution without placing pressure on the supply and demand forces, thus creating artificial price oscillations.

Infinity delivers a complete telecom solution custom-tailored to client specifications. We have earned a reputation for successfully completing complex sourcing projects on time and within budget, for network operators worldwide.

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