Spare Parts Management Logistics

Our clients need a partner with high accountability and deep knowledge of spare parts management, including auditing and engineering for reconfiguring, reuse, and redeployment of assets.

Western telecom operators expect just-in-time spares with the shortest delivery time, while emerging market operators require global logistics including tracking and valuation.

Infinity Supply's spare parts management process accounts for all processes on behalf of telecom operators, allowing clear accountability of the value of their assets.

We provide a system that connects our clients with third-party spare parts suppliers or owners, allowing for direct inventory and shipping.

Our planned logistics approach enables us to create value by timing and positioning inventory as per need, ultimately reducing downtime costs and overall expenses.

Portrait of asian woman business owner using digital tablet checking amount of stock product inventory on shelf at distribution warehouse factory.logistic business shipping and delivery service
distribution warehouse with trucks of different capacity.

Our goal is to provide high-quality auditing and the lowest overall cost of spare parts possible without compromising availability or over-ordering.