Senegal: Country Reports

♦ Facts

2019 China investments in Senegal

  • China has continued to be a key partner for Senegal in 2019, supporting its implementation of the Plan for an Emerging Senegal, proposed by Senegalese president Macky Sall. According to the Chinese Embassy in Senegal, trade between the two partners, at 2.27 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, accelerated in 2019, and China has become one of the most popular destinations among Senegalese businesspeople. China and Senegal have also continued to strengthen cooperation in the field of public health. This year, the 17th Chinese medical team, composed of 13 health professionals, treated 76,489 patients, including nearly 200 critically ill ones, performing 5,000 operations, in Senegal.

3 Main Export commodities:

  1. Refined Petroleum
  2. Phosphoric Acid
  3. Gold

3 Main Import commodities

  1. Refined Petroleum
  2. Crude Petroleum
  3. Rice 

2019 GDP UD$23.50 billion, 2018 GDP per Capita $1546.50 up by 3.83% since 2017

2019, IFC input

  • IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has finalized financing for the first two Scaling Solar projects in Senegal, allowing construction to start on two solar plants that will provide 60 MWac of clean and low-cost power. The plants – sponsored by Engie, Meridiam, and Senegalese Sovereign Wealth Fund for Strategic Investments (FONSIS) – are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Senegal by 89,000 tons of C02 equivalent per year, the same as removing 17,000 cars from the road. The financing package for the two projects located in Kael and Kahone includes senior loans worth €38 million from IFC, the Finland-IFC Blended Finance for Climate Program, which helps spur private sector financing for climate change solutions in emerging markets, the European Investment Bank, and Proparco.

President: Macky Sall

WHO participation

  • When microfinance leads to major healing: Bridging agriculture and health in Senegal. Through technical assistance on the drafting of a law on universal health coverage, the pooling of funds and communication campaigns targeting communities, the World Health Organization has contributed towards the launch of this innovative concept for Senegal. By increasing their use of health services, the women of Kaffrine are also helping to bring Senegal one step closer to universal health coverage

2019 Population 16,296,364 

Capital: Dakar 3,057,000

  • 43.3%, 0-14 years old
  • 53.9%, 15-64 years old
  • 2.9%, 65 years old and above

* 2017 Chinese Population in Senegal: 2000

2017 Contraceptive prevalence 27.8%

♦ Telecom Subs


  • Expresso
  • Orange Mobile
  • Tigo


  • Sonatel


  • KIRENE avec Orange

♦ The Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières (BRVM) Market cap and other numbers:

  • Market Cap (FCFA): 3,985,107.25

♦ Education Related 

Education System

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Illiterate Population

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Literacy Rate

♦ COVID-19 Update 

  • Senegal approves Madagascar’s anti-COVID-19 drug. In a significant development, Senegalese scientists have begun clinical trials of herbal potion to cure infected patients. Senegal has approved Madagascar’s Covid Organics (CVO), an herbal potion for clinical trials that is said to cure coronavirus of COVID-19 pandemic patients, reported local media. 


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