Revolutionize Europe's economy and security landscape by 5G

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5G is the fastest generation of mobile technology ever deployed, with approximately 214 live networks already in operation. The rollout of 5G is expected to bring significant changes to the way Europe lives, works and interacts.

Innovative thinking, creativity, and technology

In Europe, operators are leveraging 5G technology to enhance user experience with unique and innovative applications such as a basketball game and live streaming services in Greece, and experimenting with the capacity to provide an immersive feeling in a stadium by allowing users to zoom in on a particular player and get information about them, according to Philip Song, Chief Marketing Officer at Huawei Carrier business group and Laurent Leboucher, Chief Technical Officer at Orange, respectively.

Security and privacy concerns

Various measures are being taken to address security and privacy concerns in 5G technology. The 5G specification has encryption from the device to the network, and security is a top priority for companies like Huawei. The security paradigm has shifted to a more open approach, which includes crowdsourcing security by opening everything up.

Efficiency in Energy

Experts suggest that transitioning to 5G could help users and businesses reduce energy costs and consumption. 5G networks are around 10 times more energy efficient than 4G networks and can support larger bandwidth and data applications, allowing more activities to be carried out online, which can help reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, successive generations of technology have become more energy-efficient, even as the volume of data being processed has increased significantly.

Source: Euro News, Accenture, CSIS