Power Conditioner for Household



  • Excellent power supply with full protection
  • Wall mounted installation, effective utilization of space
  • High precision, «30/0
  • Aesthetic appearance

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It is known that the working voltage range of household electric appliance is within 220V+ 10%, But in reality, the grid power supply would fall to a voltage as low as a value between 140V to 170V during peak hours and it could increase to as high as above 240V on some occasions. This kind of wide voltage fluctuation may affect the normal function of household electric appliance and other electronic devices, or even cause some damage to them.

Adopting advanced digital control system, our JAJA series energy saving household use voltage stabilizer features high precision, wide input voltage  range as well as high reliability, low power loss and cost-effective. It is an ideal choice for protecting household and office electric appliances.


  • Home appliances
  • Testing equipments
  • Medical instruments
  • Office equipment
  • Science research instruments
  • Lighting system