Infinity Consulting

 Infinity Consulting

A unique service offered on a contractual basis, developed to provide our clients with the specialized knowledge and experience necessary for efficient spare parts sourcing and asset management.


We enable our clients to free- up their time and resources and rids them of the troublesome task of locating equipment spares from numerous secondary markets and from various brokers. Executives will perform their jobs more effectively by focusing their attention on strategic and contractual issues, rather than on time-consuming operational issues that can be readily handled through our system.

  • Transparency:

Infinity operates as a low-key player, taking into consideration your confidentiality needs. Although we are an extension of your supply-chain management arm, we remain extremely low profile and unobtrusive: we perform discovery, we gather the required data and return with the proposal identifying the best solution to the challenge.


  • Efficiency:

Because of our involvement and stewardship, you will gain time and the necessary freedom to focus on your own job tasks, enabling the rapid delivery of meaningful results to your management team.


  • Savings:

Not only will you save as much as 20%-30% off the fees proposed by other industry brokers, but you will also enjoy the benefit of knowing that if the equipment actually is available, YOU will get it, not your competition. You will also save as much as 80% off the contractual prices quoted by your OEM provider.


  • Control:

Maximize your control over product sourcing and sales of any over-stock; at any time during the process, you will know exactly where you stand, as Infinity delivers timely updates.


  • Planning:

We provide the ability to internally strategize your next step. If the product exists in the secondary markets, you will obtain it and can successfully plan for its deployment. Conversely, if the product is not found you will be able to plan accordingly.


  • Strategy:

Our close working relationship will allow you to understand the secondary market industry trends and create a long-term strategy for your telecom swap-out and equipment updates.



  • Available to both telecom operators and OEMs
  • Rapidly sourcing of products, particularly highly needed equipment spares
  • Provides a retained-based intense worldwide sourcing mechanism to locate spare parts and maintenance support to clients
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