How a circular economy can help enable ‘green telco'

The change that the COVID-19 pandemic brought into our lives has been transformational and the telecommunications sector has been playing a pivotal role in it. However, being the instrument of change at the global scale has caused an unprecedented demand for digital communications, which has forced the telecommunications sector to consume more energy than ever. The demand for products and services from telecommunications companies is likely to continue or even increase in the future, which makes it crucial for them to prioritise sustainability. The pressure on Telcos until now to make changes has been considerably low as they account for less than 1 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions.i However, compared with other industries, the telecom industry lags when it comes to sustainability. Apart from carbon emissions, waste is the second major factor contributing to a telecom company’s footprint. Being resource intensive, telcos also have the responsibility to reduce waste streams connected to network infrastructure, e-waste from data centres, devices, and office waste.