With an experience of 20 + years, Infinity Supply takes the role of partner to the aftermarket supply chain for our telecom operator clients. 

Our Reverse Logistics Services Team collects and aggregates telecom systems from our client’s telecom sites, the related cables and associated accessories and materials, for the reasons of giving them a new life, reuse, redeploy, or recycling. 

Copper wire non-ferrous metals, product metalworking industry
Telecommunication engineer  in helmet and uniform installs telecomunication equipment in his hand and  antennas of GSM  DCS UMTS LTE bands, outdoor radio units, optic fibers, power cables are installed on the roof. Working process of upgrading telecommunication equipment.
High angle full length portrait of bearded businessman wearing hardhat walking across production workshop accompanied by female factory employee, copy space
Portrait of two modern factory workers, man and woman, wearing hardhats doing inventory standing by tall shelves in warehouse pointing up, copy space