Fiji: Country Reports

♦ Facts

2019 China investments 

  • 323.9 million U.S. dollars for the 2019/2020 financial year
  • A total of 277 Chinese investment projects, worth about 1.08 billion U.S. dollars were successfully implemented in the island nation, over the last five years.

3 Main Export commodities:

  1. Sugar
  2. Garments 
  3. Fish

3 Main Import commodities:

  1. Refined Petroleum
  2. Cars
  3. Delivery Trucks 

2019 GDP $5.60 billion, GDP per Capita $6,379.707, up by 2374.615 since 2010

2019, IFC input US $50 million 

President: Jioji Konrote

2020 WHO participation:

  • Working with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, WHO has so far delivered over 32000 items of personal protective equipment (PPE) and over USD $100,000 worth of PCR (laboratory)  testing supplies to support its COVID-19 response. WHO has also embedded a full-time staff working with the Emergency Operations Centre to provide technical support. 

2019 Population 915,696

Capital : Suva  77,366 Population

  • 28.9%, 0-14 years old
  • 65.9%, 15-64 years old
  • 5.2%, 65 years old and above

*Chinese Population in 8,000

2019 Contraceptive prevalence 36.1%

♦ Telecom Subs

  • Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL)
  • Vodafone Fiji Limited (VFL)
  • Digicel Fiji

♦ The South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPX) Market cap and other numbers:

  • Market Cap (USD): 3.6 Billion

♦ Education Related 

Education System

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Illiterate Population

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Literacy Rate

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♦ COVID-19 Update

  • China donates medical supplies to Fiji to help fight COVID-19. Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo said the Chinese government donated 300,000 U.S. dollars cash to the Fijian government to support its combat against COVID-19. Qian handed 52 carton boxes of medical supplies with a total value of about 270,000 Fijian dollars (about 119,880 U.S. dollars) to further support Fiji’s effort in going through the pandemic


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