Fibers are used instead of metal wires because signals travel along them with less loss; while fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference. Fiber enables the delivery of media to the world by conveying telecommunication and high-speed Internet.

Infinity Supply is a trusted Fiber Cable Optic Supplier. Our fast-moving turnaround times mean that we can ship quick replacements, to minimize network downtime. We provide a wide variety of Fiber Optic products, and supply a wide range of  fiber optic kit, related accessories and parts.

We ensure that Fiber Optic cable line answers the diverse, and often complex, needs of today’s advanced networks.

As one of the approved fiber optic cable distributors to numerous global service providers, systems integrators, and OEMs, you can depend on Infinity Supply to help expand and maintain your networks – faster and cheaper.  With our global teams, we source only the best quality equipment at a reasonable market price and pass back the considerable cost benefits directly to our clients. Our optical fiber solutions, and Fiber Optics, like all of our hardware, are fully inspected and repackaged in our compliant facilities and come backed by a comprehensive warranty as standard.

Infinity Supply is supplying different types of optical fiber, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic switch, fiber optic tools, fiber optic modem, fiber cable connectors, fiber optic equipment, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic patch cord, armored fiber optic cable, fiber optic coupler, fiber optic router, fiber optic transmitter. Our offering also includes fiber optic scope, fiber optic network design, fiber optic connectivity, fiber optic supply, fiber attenuators, splitters and fiber optic termination enclosure products. Fiber optic cable assemblies are available including single mode fiber, multimode fiber, duplex fiber and simplex or duplex single mode fiber cables.

These fiber optic cable assemblies utilize the most widely used connectors. Infinity Supply offers a variety of Fiber Optics, including jacketed or unjacketed optical grade or communications grade Optical Fibers.

Optical grade Optical Fiber is ideal for general industrial lighting or short distance data transmission.

Communications grade Optical Fiber is designed for optimal visible light transmission for digital or analog links.

Jacketed Optical Fiber increases durability while decreasing stray light.

We are a company with a very high technical level and years of experience in the spare parts industry, from here we developed our different verticals, including fiber.