Engineering, Testing, Custom Configuration, Repair Logistics

Engineering, Testing, Custom Configuration, Repair Logistics

  • Depending on the brands of the parts, cards, and systems which need repair, and based on the malfunctions and issues encountered, we delegate our repair either to the technicians and engineers on our own premises or for more challenging issues and to cover more brands


  • We work with partners, which allows us to offer an entire repair range of most telecom brands.
  • Our services are intended to correct bugs, via software reloading or upgrading, based on purchased licenses and legal guidelines.


  • Our manufacturers certified partners have special tools, work with electronics and chips, and their custom programmed equipment allow for services to fix the software and also  to install professionally possible upgrades upon required permits.


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The refurbishing process has the goal the restoration of used equipment to like-new condition according to established standards and procedures. This is achieved by:


  • Testing each component to verify it meets the original manufacturer's specifications
  • Configuring the equipment according to OEM specifications, or using custom configurations provided by the customer
  • Testing complete systems to verify full operation of the equipment package
  • Tuning and calibration of systems and components for optimum performance according to the customer’s stated requirements
  • Inspecting and replacing defective cosmetic components such as panels, knobs, connectors, screws
  • Cleaning the equipment
  • Final inspection to ensure above steps completed
  • Packaging according to the most stringent shipping standards to guarantee undamaged delivery to the client’s location
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