Discontinued Antennas

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Discontinued Antennas

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Major manufacturers like Kathrein, CommScope/Andrew, Amphenol, RFS, and Huawei have faced production halts, causing supply chain issues for many.


Our Engineering Replacement Department provides quick, tailored solutions for current and future needs.

Our Offer

Direct Replacement


Match your discontinued models to those that align with or even exceed your current technical needs.

Diverse Brands


Whether it's kathrein, CommScope/Andrew, Amphenol, RFS and even Huawei, we will foster the right solutions, along with a range of accessories.

Free Comparative Technical Analysis


A swift, clear breakdown to ensure you get the best match.

Free Logistics Analysis


We evaluate the most efficient delivery methods, ensuring timely arrivals while optimizing costs

Streamlined Procurement


We've refined our process to get you what you need, faster.