Circular Economy

EU produces 2.5 billion tons of waste annually

Circular economy action plan under European Green Deal

Sustainable product design

Waste reduction

Consumer empowerment  (e.g. right to repair)

Focus on resource-intensive sectors

Electronics & ICT, plastics, textile, construction

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The European Parliament aims for a carbon-neutral, environmentally sustainable, toxic-free, and fully circular economy by 2050. In February 2021, it adopted a resolution that demands additional measures, such as tighter recycling rules and binding targets for materials use and consumption by 2030.


Telecom, being a part of the electronics and ICT sector, is poised to play a crucial role in the transition to a circular economy. The industry has been working on various initiatives such as promoting eco-design, using recycled materials, and encouraging refurbishment and repair of devices to minimize e-waste and reduce the environmental footprint.