Black Swans of Big Data. The immense opportunity of Digital Twins

I cannot emphasize enough the immense opportunity of Digital Twins.

In a very simplistic way, imagine the practice before the performance, the actress, dressed as a "BlackSwan", but with no audience yet, same theater, same stage, same song and dance, over and over..... and then, when ready, the curtain opens!


This technology is eloquently described in the French business publication Les Echos as 'the virtual replication via neural network algorithms of an equation that simulates a real physical process, thereby enabling improvements based on the analysis of millions of data points.'


Capgemini estimates that the global digital twin market, valued at $5 billion in 2020, will reach $19 billion by 2023 and grow at an average rate of 37% per year, hitting $92 billion by 2028.


This is a pivotal moment for manufacturers, - but not only- as they can finally leverage the usage data they've been collecting for over a decade. They can make sense of the 'hugeness' of Big Data in a 4.0 environment.


Digital Twins lead to greater efficiency, less waste, increased sustainability, and reduced costs.


Dassault Systèmes, a key player in the French market since the 1980s, specializes in 3D modeling of physical objects. With 5.7 billion euros in revenue in 2022, the company aims for double-digit annual growth through 2028.


French Tech is indeed rich in innovation and going strong


According to Capgemini, a digital twin can improve system performance by an average of 25% and commercial and operational performance by 15%, all for a cost of several million euros but with rapid ROI.


Investing in a digital twin can reduce overall investments by 20% by standardizing processes and information collection.


In 2022, Digital Twin orders in France reached 2.7 billion euros, marking a record year-on-year increase of 51%.


If you work in Telecom you may be interested in specific AI automation and check how Digital Twins would be enhancing your telecom network's performance and especially your ROI.

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**** 'The Unstoppable Rise of Digital Twins in Telecom'


 For those in the telecom sector looking to advance their operational capabilities, digital twins offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for a range of applications.



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Infinity AI

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