Asset Management Logistics

Telecom operators own a variety of assets, from passive telecom equipment, wireless towers, to active telecom equipment, real estate, and customer premise equipment.  

Infinity Supply provides end-to-end Telecom Asset Management services specifically designed for managing the assets of mobile telecom operators. Part of these services are:

  • reverse logistics
  • asset audit
  • test
  • repair
  • refurbish

From the telecom site field, we de-install and decommission, we do inventory management, and we remarket,  if doing so is sustainable.   End- of- Life means Scrap, Dispose.

Professional industrial climber in helmet and uniform with telecomunication equipment in his hand and  antennas of GSM  DCS UMTS LTE bands, outdoor radio units  on the roof. Working process of upgrading telecommunication equipment

“According to GSMA, telecom operators are likely to invest $1.1 trillion in their networks globally in the next 5 years. A recent PwC survey indicates that telecoms operators could be wasting up to $65 billion a year in capex.” 2021