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AI & MLOps: A Guide for the 5-Year-Old and their Executive Mom

If you’re an executive considering integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your operations and pondering how Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) plays a role, here is how your 5-year-old would understand it, and how it would apply to your company.

The 5-Year-Old Perspective: Imagine your favorite toy robot:

1. AI: Represents the technology that feeds the robot’s computer brain with information, like instructions on how to dance or sing.

2. MLOps: This ensures the robot’s brain is set up correctly. If done improperly, the robot might dance in circles or not sing on cue. It makes sure the robot not only follows its instructions but also learns new tricks.

3. When AI gives the robot commands, it’s like teaching it a new song or story. MLOps are the practice sessions that ensure the robot remembers and recites the song or story correctly every time.

For “Continuous Fine-Tuning”: Think of it as teaching the robot new songs or stories over time, or adjusting its volume or speed. It’s not about changing the robot’s parts but making sure it can do more tasks or do them better as it ages.

  1. Corporate Application: For executives diving into AI:Definitionion: MLOps is the practice of combining machine learning (a subset of AI) with traditional operations. It streamlines the entire machine learning lifecycle, from data preparation to model deployment, ensuring efficient and sustainable AI implementations.

• AI in Business: AI is like feeding your company’s computer the essential data. This data should be as raw and digitized as possible.

• Importance of MLOps: MLOps ensures that the data is interpreted and used correctly. If neglected, there could be inefficiencies or errors in business decisions, leading to potential financial losses.

• Adaptation and Growth: As a toy robot might need new capabilities, a company requires adjustments in its AI. As your business evolves, so must the AI and MLOps to meet new challenges and seize opportunities.


• Data Integrity: Routinely clean and check datasets for accuracy. It’s vital to have correct data. Encourage employees to keep this integrity by highlighting the importance of accuracy and conducting training sessions.

For a 5-year-old: Don’t give our robot wrong song lyrics; otherwise, it will sing incorrectly.

• Relevancy: It’s vital to use the correct data for each department. For instance, the sales team should know about customer preferences, not office inventory.

• MLOps Commitment: Stay committed to MLOps with ongoing training, following best practices, and regular evaluations.

For a 5-year-old: Just as you’d check a robot’s batteries occasionally, AI systems in a company need regular checks and care.



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