£1 billion rural network program in Scotland


The Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme is a significant investment in upgrading the connectivity in rural parts of Scotland. This investment will result in the building of new masts and upgrading of existing ones in the south of Scotland. The upgraded network will provide faster and more reliable connectivity, making it easier for individuals and businesses in the region to stay connected.


By June 2024, it is expected that 81% of the south of Scotland will have 4G coverage from all four operators, a significant increase from 55% before the SRN was launched. The investment will bridge the digital divide in rural areas and help to transform the lives of local residents, businesses and tourists by providing them with better connectivity.


It will help to support local businesses, improve education and healthcare services, and provide residents with access to a wider range of online services and information. It is expected to have a significant impact on the economic growth and social well-being of communities in Scotland's rural areas. The program is also expected to support the creation of new jobs and stimulate investment in the region

Overall, the £1 billion rural network program is a vital step forward in addressing the connectivity challenges faced by communities in rural Scotland, and it represents a significant investment in the country's future.